Fire Proof Slang Dictionary

Act A Donkey
Go All Out For What You Believe.
"Act A Donkey when we come through" - Fila Phil (Lets get it on.) Act The Fool
(v) To act up. To do something stupid. Get in trouble.

Bling Bling
(n) Jewelry, derived from the sound it makes. To shine or sparkle like a diamond. Refers to diamonds themselves, but can also mean anything glamorous as in, "you my bling-bling." - Dr. Chedder

Bout it
To be "bout it, bout it" (note: you usually say it twice) means that you are really what it's all about. To be somebody. To be important.
(n) Real, not fake, true to the game.
"Are you really bout that?" - Bout That - FTF Fire Proof?

1) (v) To leave, to get up, to break.
2) (n) Form of music from New Orleans. (The New Orleans Bounce)
3) (n) A reference to the Bankhead Bounce, a dance made famous in Atlanta rap music.

(n) Used to address someone as a close friend, as in "What's up cuzin", in the same way as words like "whodi", "partna", "praya" or "dogg".

(v) Used to add to a description.

"That Fire Proof Album is off the gate Facheezy."

Also Spelled - Facheezie
Really or truly. "Facheezie on the reezie" means it's definately true.

J.Cheeze-Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

(pn) Our Lord and Saviour, without him their is no way to heaven.

Off The Gate-Good

(v) Used to describe something as good.

Off The Hezee-Good.
(v) Used to describe something as good.

(v) New big hip-hop word. Means just what you think it means. "Represent Your Side of the War, I thought I told Ya" - Fila Phil

Woe Nah-Whats Up
(n) Used to address someone, as in "Woe Nah whodie", in the same way as saying "Whats up whodie."

A Person, Also Spelled; woadi, wodi, whodie, whoadi,
(n) Used to address someone as a friend, as in "What's up whodie", in the same way as words like "homey", "money", "praya" or "dogg".

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