Philip Anthony : Birth Name
Fila Phil : Street Name
City raised in: New Orleans, La (Downtown)
Projects Hood: 9th ward Press Park, Desire, Florida

Growing up in New Orleans was like a horra movie for me because of evil I saw as a kid. I mean before I was even in the 3rd grade, I saw my first dead body and it was one of my boys who was in the same grade and class as me, and one day he did not show up for school. He was missing for about 2 weeks and when the police finally found him he was right in my neighborhood in the woods chopped up in a garbage bag with his head missing. You would have thought that a murder so wicked would have been on a world wide news broad cast.

After that happen to my boy I always had fear in my mind and heart that I was going to die at a young age. But as the years went on I saw people get killed every other day because of drugs and money. I use to think that New Orleans was a lost world and nobody cared what went on in my hood. But as I got older I realized that New Orleans was one big project. Everyday on the news we saw people from different neighborhoods dieing, and getting robbed for that bling bling. So when I turned 13 teen I wanted to put my hood on the map to let the city of New Orleans know that my hood do the most killin' and drug dealin'. So I started writing raps about what my brother and all the older cats was doing in my hood even use to cut class to hold a rap show in the hall way at school. And one night when I was at my High School Dance I grabbed the mic and went off about my hood and started a fight between one of the 3rd biggest projects in the world called the (Desire Project) the Desire was 10 times bigger than my hood. I started a gun fight between these two projects that turn out bad, people was getting killed everyday behind the music I was rapping and I was only 15 teen years Old. But we were cool with a lot of people in the Desire and they use to like when I rap. So one night at another George W. Carver High School dance I grabbed the mic again and this time it was all love from both projects and some recorded company producers came up to me and ask me do I want to sign a record deal and I said Fa' Sho. Not knowing when my CD come out the whole Louisiana would be influenced by the music that I was rappin'. When I drop my CD in 93 it sold 50,000 copies in 3 months, I was doing shows all over the boot. I had a show every weekend at different clubs was only 15 teen getting into clubs for free and drinking for free. My mother did not understand what was going on but as long as I was bringing home lots of money legal, it was all good with her. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and one of my sisters is Mia-X former rap label mate of Master P of No Limit Records. Me and Mia-X had the city of New Orleans on lock when it came down to Bounce Music. She was on my first CD called Da Hustler ,and she went to every concert I had in Louisiana. Every time I had a concert in New Orleans some one was getting killed, because of (ward bangin'). New Orleans is a city that has wards from: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 15th And I used to start gang fights at every show. One show I had in a 9th ward club called Rumors, this 18 teen year old guy was screaming 3rd ward while I was rappin' on stage and every body I knew from the 9th ward jumped on him and they crushed his skull in the club and he died. That's when I realized that this music is like a murder weapon for violence. One night when I was getting high snorting Cocaine I heard a voice say to me (live what you are rappin' about and stop talking about other people violence). So I went to living every thing I used to rap about from drugs, to robin', to killin, to sex, to wanting to kill my self. One day me and my dog Chedder and DJ Dicky was about to work on my new album and God spoke through Chedder saying when are you going to make a song about God to put your rappin' skills on another level, and I know it had to be God speaking through Chedder because he would have never talk like that. Then I told him lets make a song that's positive and but Jesus name in it not knowing it would take affect in both of our lives.

 I never knew about God until I heard Tupac speak about him, I mean my mother told me about God and gave me my first bible but I never felt it like 2pac rap about it. One day I was in the studio and Mia-X comes in the studio with this dude name Master P and Sillk and she introduced me to him and he said "I heard alot about you, would you like to be apart of the No Limit Tank" and I said let me hear how ya'll sound. So he gave us a cd of some of the music he did in Cali and me and Chedder was dieing laughing at his music because it was garbage to us, so we turned down his offer and did our own thing. The same thing happen with Baby Ceo of Cash Money Records I turned him down. We was on this label called Untouchable Records. Chedder moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and started living a Godly life. Meanwhile I was still in New Orleans buck wild enjoying living my thug life. I was given a brand new 97 Boniville off the show room floor. I was 17 at the time and I was acting a donkey in my new car. Until on day I was droppin one of my homegirls off at school and Bam!!!!! Bam!!!! Bam!!!! was all I remembered. A F250 Truck hit my car so hard it smashed and broke my steering wheel in haft, my car was total on the driver side my side. Praise the Lord I'm still here today because all I could remember is helping my friend out the car. Praise Jesus I walked away from the car with out a scratch. And when my mom saw the car see bust out crying saying God has a calling for your life to do his music and not the devil. But her words went in one ear and out the other because I when right back to thugin even harder.

Until one day I was in the studio and one of my close dogs robbed a pawn shop a week before Christmas  and tried to play ghetto santa claws. He came in with Chrismas bags filled with High Powered Army Guns giving every body in the studio one. And of corse he gave me one and I brung it home. Not knowing the FEDS was all over us and knew where he was and who all he gave a gun to. The Feds kicked my mothers door in every Tuesday and Thursday looking for me, I was spooked out so I called Chedder and told him that I was going to turn my gun in and come out there to Tulsa Oklahoma to change my life. There I recieved Christ as my savior and lived my life as a Christian for 3 years out there. But not knowing the FEDS had a outstanding arrest for me, because they thought I had something to do with the robbery. But I did not found out until two weeks after I got married and the FEDS found out where I was and came to arrest me for receiving a stolen firearm that came from a robbery and they were trying to give me 10 years Fed time. But at that time I was standing on the word of God and I knew no weapons formed against me would prosper because my father is the judges of all judges. I stayed in jail for about almost a year waiting in New Orleans just to go to court. I went to 7 different jails just to get to one big jail in New Orleans. But every jail I went to I rapped and preach the gospel and thugs were giving there lives over to the lord I served. But one day I went to court and it looked like I was never going to eat my favorite chicken again. (Popeyes) But the devil is the father of lies and God is the father of truths. My lawyer was strate from heaven because he was on fire for Christ and he was standing on the word as well. The bible says when two or more are gather together in my name there I am in the mist. We prayed before I went to court and the judge drop all the charges that was pending against me. So when I was standing in joy and smiling thanking Jesus. I promised God that I would go all out for him and will rap the gospel all across the world to thugs like I use to be.

(Last Words Of Fila Phil)

So now I'm free and the rap game is in for a surprise mark my words. - Fila Phil (Fire Starter)

Matthew 28:19,20 (Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"20(teaching them to observe all things with you always,even to the end of the age."Amen


- Fila Phil

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